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The Food allergy support group of gloucester county

Ways to celebrate Easter with Food Allergies:

Decorate plastic eggs with paint, stickers, glitter, etc.  Leave these out for the Easter Bunny to fill with small toys or coins.
Easter basket ideas:  Make up a basket filled with books, legos, art supplies, washable stuffed animals, a small toy, etc.
For Easter dinner, prepare your child's dinner to ensure it is safe for them. 
For public egg hunts, either invite your childs friends over for a spcial plastic egg hunt; fill eggs with tattoos, small party favors, etc.  If your child really wants to participate in a public egg hunt and it is safe for them to handle the eggs; inform them ahead of time they cannot eat the candy, but they can trade the candy for a special treat.  You can buy a small toy or book to trade with them after the egg hunt.