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The following are links to websites that are helpful to some of our members:

The listing of an organization or company's Web site does not imply endorsement by FAAN, Dr. Brown-Whitehorn, or The Food Allergy Support Group of Gloucester County (FASG-GC).

WE HAVE NOT VERIFIED THE CLAIMS LISTED BY EACH COMPANY. We recommend that you consult with your physician for guidance concerning your dietary needs.


Allergy Free Food Manufacturers:

-                 -!/naturesone



- WellshireFarms

-  Enjoy Life Foods: 19 different gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods

- Divvies Battr: On-line magazine which we call the battr featuring tips, articles and advice from  respected experts in their field.

-Home Free Treats (was Gak's Sancks): Baked treats; NO peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, 
   cholesterol, or trans fat. With organic & whole grain ingredients




If you are avoiding SOY, EGG, DAIRY, BEEF, NUTS, PEANUTS and WHEAT, here are some SAFE brands:
Arrowhead Mills: corn meal, rice flour, tapiioca flour and oat flour
Potato starch
xantham gum
baking soda
baking power
Beechnut infant rice cereal (replace 1/4c per 1 cup flour)
Fleischmans unsalted stick margerine
Heinz ketchup
olive oil, canola and corn oil
Rice Dream Enriched Plain
Pacific Oat Drink
Pomi Tomato puree
Tostidos style chip
Wise potato chips
Cape Cod russets chips
Schar Crispbread
Orville Redenbacher popcorn kernels
Enger G Brand Wylde prezels
Erewhon Rice Twice cereal Krispy Brown Rice (gluten free version)
Erewhon corn flakes
Rice Chex
Quaker Old Fashioned Oats
Tinkayada rice pasta
Le Venezians Corn pasta
Rice (white or brown)
Motts apple juice, Apple and Eve, Juicy Juice
Tropicana Pure Premium OJ
infant pureed fruits
Scharffenberger 9.7 ounce semi sweet chocolate
Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips
Ener G brand brown rice loaf, tapioca loaf or rice starch loaf
Sun Made Raisens
Brothers all natural freeze dried fruit
Sweet Nothings Non Dairy Fudge Bar
Fla Vor Ice
Plain canned fruit
Fresh fruits and veggies
FRESH packaged meats such as Perdue whole and parts, packaged in styrofoan trays, Perdue ground chickem Shadybrook farms whole or turkey parts or ground turkey, pork cuts Oscar Meyer Bacon
Oscar Meyer weiners
Applegate Farms sausages/meats/lunch meats
Nesquick SYRUP only
Jet Puffed Marshmallows
Cherrybrook Kitchen GLUTEN FREE mixes
Ener-G rice pizza crust
Muir Glen pasta sauce
Sweet baby rays BBQ sauce
Ener-G egg replacer
Old El Paso corn taco shells
Tapioca hot dog bun by Ener-G
King Arthur line of gluten free flours and baking mixes

Other Tips:

- Dum Dum original lollipops are safe for most children with food allergies

- Shop Rite carries many safe products for food allergies, some have an "allergy" section.

- Galaxy carries a milk/dairy free cheese available at Whole Foods

- Pillsbury labels products for possible cross contamination (Dec 2008)

- Wonder Bread is made on equipment that is free of peanut residue (Dec 2008)

- Newman's own has peanut free products (Dec 2008)

Medical Aid/ID Helpful Resources:

Medical ID Bracelets:  We recommend using official bracelets

Some other websites that have decorative bracelets are:

Medical ID Tags/Products:


Epi-Pen Carrier Manufacturers:  An Australian based company who manufactures and sells epipen holders and aides for anaphylaxis and asthma sufferers worldwide

Travel Assistance for Medical Care and Flight Sources

 Source (Apfed)

National Patient Air Transport HELPLINE 1-800-296-1217
Angel Flights 1-800-296-1217
Angel Flight America 1-800-446-1231
Air LifeLine 1-877-AIRLIFE
Air Care Alliance 1-918-745-0384
Corporate Angel Network 1-800-328-4226
Hope Air (CANADA) 1-877-346-4673
Mercy Medical Airlift 1-800-296-1191
Miracle Flights for Kids 1-702-261-0494

Continental Care Force 1-281-261-6626 (Bob Jack)
Delta SkyWish 1-877-327-8211
American Airlines Miles For Kids in Need 1-817-963-8118
Southwest Airlines (Civic and Charitable Contributions Dept) 1-214-792-4103


Traveling with Food Restrictions:

- Gluten and Allergy Free Apple and Android apps, or ebooks available:


- A handy chart on the allergy policies of 11 major air carris has been released by Allergic Living Magazine. To view the report, visit:


Other Allergy Resources:

- Eat Learn Live - sharing information about products that have been found to be mislabeled.

- American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders (APFED)

- Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN)

- Flourishing with Food Allergies Resource Book

- Food Allergy Kitchen

- ABC News On Call Allergy

- U.S. Food and Drug Administration

- Food Allergy Action Plan for School
- Options For Children


Skin Care/Makeup Products: (Makeup by ChristineMarieCostmetics)

Products are free of dyes, gluten and talc.  Nut products, alchohol, and parabens are also excluded unless otherwise noted.